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The LowPoly Skull Dice Tower - a nostalgic journey that seamlessly blends simplicity with style. Roll your dice through the eye sockets of this charming polyhedral skull and watch as they gracefully emerge from the mouth into the awaiting dice tray. This evocative design not only harkens back to simpler times but also infuses your tabletop with a touch of classic flair.


Secure your LowPoly Skull Dice Tower now and let the dice transport you to an era where every roll was a cherished adventure!


Available in two sizes to suit your preferences:

  • Full Size: Perfect for standard-sized dice, offering a grand spectacle of craftsmanship and functionality. Will not fit larger than standard-sized dice. 

  • Mini Size: Tailored for smaller dice, maintaining the same meticulous artistry for a compact and charming display. Will not fit larger than mini-sized dice. 


The stock color options that are available can be seen in the product photos. Please indicate the color you would like by typing it in the personalization box. While the options we present to you are comprehensive, they are not complete. Email us at if there is another color option you would like that is not shown.


*Spend $35+ at our shop and receive FREE SHIPPING!

LowPoly Skull Dice Tower | For Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder & Other

SKU: DT-008
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